The Åre Bike Festival 2016

Yes, i have been a busy boy, opening up ventures new. When I started delving into this video lark a few years ago little did I know the time and serious amount of hard drives that i was getting into. Well, a couple of years down the road, i have now teamed up with the super talented Simon Bo Silverdahl of Noordanvind, and we have created Huldra Pictures.

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Mobile Photography just changed for me

Well, I heard about a phone that came out last year, the Panasonic DMC CM1. Yes, you heard right, a Panasonic mobile phone. I won't go into the specs or all the details, but a phone that doubles as a pretty decent camera had great has great appeal for me. Hiking with all the gear, sometimes it would be nice to just head out with nothing but myself, no back-back, equipment etc. Problem is, as an obsessive camera geek, i would feel that "what of there is amazing light" or I get within a metre of a bear and live to tell the tale, or not, i just cannot go out without a decent camera, and my mobile camera does not cut it.

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The Beauty Of The World We Live In

I decided to hike with the splitboard on Sunday, along with shooting some B Roll for my ongoing film project. Problem is, my camera gear comes in at around 15 kilos, and along with spare clothes, skins, coffee, ski poles, shovel, probe, it's hard work. 

When i got to Kabinban i saw the queue for the snowmobile taking people up to the top. Funny thing is, unless i am on a job where i need to get up and get it done, why would you not want to go under your own steam?

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When the mountains give

What I love about living in Åre is "the weather". We can literally go for weeks of just grey, flat weather, which in it's own kind of Twin Peaks way has it's charms. The upside for me personally, is when the light hits, it really hits.

Out and about on the mountain today, it's so great to see tourists from all over the world just taking in the views and the great winter light we have., and really enjoying it.

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A very special night at Tännforsen, Åre

he weather forecast was for crystal clear skies, the Northern Lights had been active for most of the week, so my brain was telling me "time to overnight" this could be the one. I hooked up at the last minute with Simon, from Noordanvind and we headed off, into the sun, towards Duved and then Tännforsen.

The evening sun was starting to set, and the light was ever so softly kissing the earth.

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The Faroe Islands, it's unbelievable

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.  They sit approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometres from Great Britain.  It does not take long to figure out that the weather plays a huge part of life on The Faroe Islands.

The islands are an autonomous country within the Danish Kingdom, but between 1035 and 1814 were part of the Kingdom of Norway. The Faroe Islands have been  self-governed  since 1948 and have control of most domestic matters, apart from the military, police, justice, currency and foreign affairs, which are still the responsibility of Denmark.

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