Svalbard - Simply Sweden & Basecamp Explorer

I travelled with Simply Sweden to Svalbard. This baren harsh place is one of the most beautiful I have ever visited. Yes, I saw a polar bear but unfortunately I did not have a long enough lens to do it justice.

From Åre I took the night-train to Stockholm Arlanda. I then flew to Tromso and then a flight from Tromso to Longyearbyen. Here are some photographs from Longyearbyen, exploring the town as the sun set (just). 

I stayed at the wonderful Trappers Hotel in Longyearbyen.
I checked in and was given a map. It marked where I could go with and without a guide/gun. 
The boundary of Longyearbyen was it, outside it is bear country. 

In the morning I had a little more time to explore Longyearbyen.
If ever there was a mining town this is it!

After lunch we met our guides and had a safety briefing. We were heading out to the Nordenskjöld Glacier.

Sat about 300 metres from the cabin...

The following morning it was time to go up onto the glacier

The next morning we got into our survival suites again and headed back towards Longyearbyen. Unfortunately we did not have time to take a look but we went past the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramida.

In the evening we went to a Trapper Station for dinner.

My last day on Svalbard and it was our destination was Isfjördradio. We stopped in teh Rusain town of Barentsburg on the way.

and Isfjörd Radio

If you like the look of Svalbard and fancy a trip head on over to Simply Sweden