Autumn Biking

After travelling for the last few weeks it was nice to be back on the mountain with Lina and David from the Ohrey Riders and Markus Fredlander. The colours are amazing, just an explosion of autumn colours. Most of the photographs are of David, as Lina got a flat. Luckily it was high up, so she could grab the cable car down.

We decided to shoot some video today but as I was checking my cameras the D600 decided to die. The LCD is dead, and the camera is on it's way to Nikon in Solna. Another nail for me in the Nikon coffin.  After all my issues with the D600, Lise at Nikon is the only reason I have not got rid of them completely. The issues with the camera warrant an essay, so I will spare the details here, but the Fuji XT1 is now my main camera.

We decided to shoot some video anyway, and thought it would be a good experiment to shoot, edit and upload all from an iphone. You can see the result below, and for a first time try I was quite pleased, all in all about 30 minutes post.