A very special night at Tännforsen, Åre

The weather forecast was for crystal clear skies, the Northern Lights had been active for most of the week, so my brain was telling me "time to overnight" this could be the one. I hooked up at the last minute with Simon, from Noordanvind and we headed off, into the sun, towards Duved and then Tännforsen.

The evening sun was starting to set, and the light was ever so softly kissing the earth.

We aimed for Tännforsen as I have been there many times, but never managed to catch the Northern Lights. I figured it would make a great back-drop, but so many things had to fall into place, especially the lights being in the right part of the sky.

When we arrived we set up our hammocks, which, by they way are amazing. Check them out here Amok Equipment

We then waited for darkness. The signs were good when my Northern Lights app popped up a warning, level 7, which is really really good. Normally around a 3 gives you a chance in Åre. As the last of the light was clinging on, i took a few test shots and the lights were there, even though you could not see them with your eyes.

From around 2200 until 0500 the lights were in the sky the whole time. A few times during the night the lights danced directly above us and we got the whole cathedral curtain affect, with a full range of colours. At one point, it completely blew the photos out, it was that bright. Simon and myself were pretty stoked, and in between marshmallows, a couple of beers, coffee, chocolate and taking photos, we were just smiling.

I have seen the lights a lot, in Åre, Kiruna, Björkliden, Saltaluokta, Lofoten, Tromso and a few others, but this was a real special one. 

At around 0400 I got my head down for a couple of hours. I awoke to mist, almost complete, but I could feel the sun trying to push through. The next hour was a real magical sunrise.

and a couple of video shorts