Mobile Photography just changed for me

Well, I heard about a phone that came out last year, the Panasonic DMC CM1. Yes, you heard right, a Panasonic mobile phone. I won't go into the specs or all the details, but a phone that doubles as a pretty decent camera had great has great appeal for me. Hiking with all the gear, sometimes it would be nice to just head out with nothing but myself, no back-back, equipment etc. Problem is, as an obsessive camera geek, i would feel that "what of there is amazing light" or I get within a metre of a bear and live to tell the tale, or not, i just cannot go out without a decent camera, and my mobile camera does not cut it.

I got the phone as it was going super cheap, and took a hike to test it out. Full manual, shoots RAW, 20 million pixels, bracketing, etc etc...

All these are shot with the Panasonic DMC CM1 mobile phone, no camera, mobile camera, arghh, whatever.