The Åre Bike Festival 2016

Yes, i have been a busy boy, opening up ventures new. When I started delving into this video lark a few years ago little did I know the time and serious amount of hard drives that i was getting into. Well, a couple of years down the road, i have now teamed up with the super talented Simon Bo Silverdahl of Noordanvind, and we have created Huldra Pictures. You can take a look at the website at

Last weekend was the Åre Bike Festival and we are shooting a short documentary about the festival. We were also asked to do a short intro video for the video challenge, which was an honour.

The video challenge is five teams hooked up with a couple of pro-riders, and they get just a few days to make a kick-ass edit. I will link to all the five videos below. Local boys Whiteout Pictures took the honours.


On the Sunday afternoon I hooked up with Bebjorn Sorensen Gjervan and Ole Martin Nessemo. We did one run down Bracke, here are a few photographs.

and here are a few from over the weekend, higher up, with random folk.