Åre Masters, Mountains & Magicians

A month or so ago I had a pre-production meeting with Per Holmlöv, at the office on Åre, and he told me about an interesting project that he needed a short video making for.

Per Holmlöv - The author of Åre Masters, Mountains & Magicians

He had written a book, Åre Masters, Mountains & Magicians, which is all about Åre and is written in English.

The book is fantastic, profiling some of the people who have played a part in Åre, both past and present, as well as some great photography from Jonas Kullman among others.

It also talks about the mountains, Åreskutan, Mullfjället and Renfjället, along with tales from the village, involving mountain biking, husky dogs, horseback riding and orienteering.

The book is out now, and you can order a copy at aremasters.com or in-store at ICA Åre, Åre Hemsljöd or Holiday Club Åre.