Runmarö, Stockholm Skärsgård

I travelled down to Runmarö, a small island in the Stockholm archipelago.

I have no shoots booked in until the end of the month, so it's kind of a working holiday, as I have a lot of editing to do with a big deadline fast approaching.
With this crazy hot weather, it has been a mix of swimming, editing, kayaking, editing, SUP, editing, just to get into the water, cool down, with a few photo sessions thrown in.

I also had the chance to test out the Fuji MCEX-16 Extension Tube on both the XT2 and the Xpro2. These are shot with the 90mm.

For getting that bit closer the tube does exactly as it should, but there is one problem. It makes me want to get the 80mm macro, which looks absolutely stunning. The 90mm is a fantastic lens, very sharp, even fully open, but just playing with the extension tube makes me want to get real close.


A short video test. Fuji XT2, MCEX-16, 90mm, FLOG.


Island Life