Kallsjön Surfing

It has been a busy few months, shooting projects, editing projects, planning projects, but for the main part I have been tied to a desk for what seems like an eternity.

When you look at pie charts and statistics about how much a photographer actually takes photographs, I think they under-estimated the 10% figure!

I had been keeping one eye on the weather and when Peter called me up and said Wednesday looked good for some surfing I was in, I had been looking for any excuse to get out and shoot.

We headed out to Kallsjön, about an hour north-east of Åre. When we arrived we could see it was the best we had ever seen it. One moment we were in dark dark grey clouds with rain lashing down, and then ten minutes later there would be a small opening with blue sky, then sun, then a rainbow, and then repeat. This went on for a good three hours.

This was the perfect chance to shoot with the Fuji 100-400mm. I have not really used it in anger yet, and after looking though the images I shot, I need to study and tweak the focus tracking settings in camera a bit deeper . There is not much room for movement with focus at 300mm or 400mm at F5.6.

In October our new online magazine, The Kollektive will launch. At the heart is story-telling, through photography, video, editorial and Podcasting.

We will use a new online platform called Pindify, and you can sign up and check out Pindify for free via this invite