The Fuji XF 100-400mm F4.5/5.6 R LM OIS WR

I had a dilemma. I shoot a lot of video, so I own GH5's as my standard video cameras, but I shoot stills with Fuji cameras. My lens collection for the GH5 system included a Sigma 150-600 Canon mount with Metabones adapter, which got me in really close on subjects when needed.

Up until I owned the Sigma, I never really shot any telephoto stuff, but I started to experiment with it on the GH5 and really enjoyed shooting at longer lengths.

The GH5 is a great tool for video work, but I am not so keen on the stills. I would much rather have a Fuji file to work with that a GH5. 

I started to weigh it all up, and had one eye on the Fuji 100-400mm. I saw more value in having a Fuji tele for stills, and if I needed extra reach on a video assignment than I have on the GH5 then I can shoot that on the Fuji, I have been pleasantly surprised by the XT2 video capabilities. It took a lot of weighing up though, as the Fuji 100-400mm it the most expensive lens in the lineup, and I had to make a decision if I can make it pay.

I have had the lens now a couple of weeks, and have shot with it three times. First impressions are for a large telephoto lens, it is small. The Sigma needed my biggest rucksack, but at a pinch I can get the Fuji in my F-Stop Loka.  Autofocus seems fast, but I am still running tests, but the image quality so far I have been very impressed with. Biggest stand-out on my first impressions has been the OIS. I can get get shots if need be without a tripod at what should be illegal shutter speeds!

Luck would have it that the Blood Moon was only a few days away! The shoot didn't quite go to plan as we had cloud cover and did not get to see the moon until late.

The shots below are nothing special, but they were shot at 400mm, hand-held, with a shutter speed of 1/120..

With the kind of work I do I can see this being a very important tool. I shoot a lot of outdoor subjects, skiing, running, along with landscape work, and I love the compressed look of telephoto landscape photographs.

The Peak Performance Vertical K race was a perfect subject for some testing, using the XT2 auto-focus tracking with the lens. There are a few shots in here with the XPRO2 and the 23mm F2 lens.